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Airaz Spirit of Freedom Batik Satin Scarf

Airaz Spirit of Freedom Batik Satin Scarf

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The Airaz Satin Batik scarf from the Spirit of Freedom Collection seamlessly blends Palestinian traditions with our local Malaysian heritage, creating a truly unique and meaningful piece. Designed by Malaysian artist Arif Rafhan, the intricate design features iconic symbols such as the watermelon, a powerful emblem of Palestinian identity and resistance, and the coin, representing the historical and economic struggles faced by the people. The majestic Al Aqsa Mosque, a significant religious and cultural landmark, is depicted alongside the venerable olive tree, symbolizing peace and endurance. These elements are harmoniously integrated with the vibrant patterns of Malaysian Batik, celebrating both traditions in a stunning fusion. Interwoven within the design is the key, symbolizing the right of return for Palestinian refugees. This scarf is not just a fashion accessory but a narrative woven in silk, telling the story of a people’s heritage and their enduring spirit through a beautiful amalgamation of cultural motifs.


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